Carizzma Paint

RM Carizzma Colors & Candy Paint

Much more than just paint, Carizzma Waterborne is an exclusive low VOC automotive refinishing solution offering a wide-range of products, colors and virtually limitless effects.

Backed by the BASF R-M® brand, Carizzma Waterborne meets the most demanding requirements for ease of application, superb appearance and respect for the environment. Carizzma Waterborne—the refinishing choice for serious car enthusiasts!


The Carizzma system was created to give custom painters an exciting new range of custom products, colors and effects with the proven quality of the R-M® brand. For as long as the R-M basecoat system has been available, custom painters have recognized and appreciated its nearly foolproof capabilities. And now with the introduction of Carizzma Waterborne, the possibilities are nearly infinite—only limited by your imagination.


The R-M® Onyx HD™ waterborne and Diamont® solventborne systems are known for near perfect matches to OEM (manufacturer) colors—but not everyone realizes that many dazzling and exciting non-OEM colors can be created directly from both of these tint base systems.

The high quality pigments and other materials used in R-M’s Onyx HD and Diamont systems create some of the cleanest and brightest colors imaginable.

Carizzma Crystals

In the early 2000s, vehicle manufacturers began using a unique pigment that, although small in size, exhibits a brilliant sparkle. These exciting crystal pigments can be used with both R-M® Onyx HD™ waterborne bases and Diamont® solventborne bases.

To identify the bases containing these pigments, the color description starts with “Crystal.”

Candy Colors

How are traditional candy colors made? They are created by spraying a base color, then tinting a clearcoat with a dye and spraying it over top. Since dyes typically degrade in sunlight, several coats of clear on top of the tinted color are necessary.

Carizzma™ waterborne and solventborne dye bases break out of this traditional pattern. Formulated as part of the R-M® tint base system, Carizzma candy colors have the speed of a basecoat for fast drying and taping times. For Carizzma Candys, an R-M groundcoat is sprayed, then a Carizzma dye base, followed by an R-M clear to finish the look. This system saves time and product (money), while creating a better looking, longer lasting candy finish. Carizzma dyes are also ultra strong—requiring fewer coats to develop the desired color.

Special Effect Powders

Six special effect powders have joined the Carizzma™ family of custom colors. With them, you can create all kinds of shades and variations. They’re an extension of the R-M® paint system so you can mix them into Onyx HD™ waterborne basecoats, Diamont® solventborne basecoats or even R-M clearcoats.

Available Effect Powders:
PF18 Arctic Ice
PF38 Extreme Violet
PF54 Opal Marine
PF65 Golden Emerald
PF68 Sunfire Gold
PF85 Extreme Bronze


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