Diamont Paint

R-M Diamont basecoat/clearcoat system

R-M® Diamont technology was developed and formulated in the industry-leading laboratories of BASF, and has built a longstanding record of success throughout North America. Because BASF is a premier supplier of OEM topcoats worldwide, R-M Diamont meets or exceeds factory finish standards.

R-M Diamont is a complete coatings system of coordinated products, from undercoats to basecoat color to superfast clearcoats. It has earned widespread popularity for its superior appearance, ease of use, durability, color matching, productivity and efficiency.

Versatile Basecoats

Versatile Basecoats

R-M Diamont offers collision repair facilities the most complete color coverage of any basecoat/clearcoat refinish system on the market. The compact Diamont mixing system has the formula for virtually every OEM basecoat color ever produced.

R-M Diamont basecoat has earned its reputation because of its complete array of characteristics that bring you a variety of benefits:

  • Quick drying, fast hiding, easy to apply
  • Precise color matching
  • Integration with the unique BASF COLOR-MAX® color tool, which slashes color match time

Dazzling Crystal Bases

Dazzling Crystal Bases

Effect pigments have become more and more popular among color stylists throughout the world. R-M is keeping pace with the demand by offering an extensive range of special effect crystal bases that bring yet another dimension of value to the R-M system.

Crystal bases give you an effective, efficient way to provide maximum OEM color coverage without overfilling your mixing machine. Each R-M crystal base is a special-effect pigment dispersed in a unique resin that is compatible with all modern R-M topcoat technologies. You never need to put them on a mixing shelf or in a shaker–they are stable without mixing. Just pick up a bottle, give it a quick shake by hand and dose it into your R-M Onyx HD or Diamont colors.


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