Limco Supreme Plus

BASF Limco Supreme Plus (Nataional Rule Basecoat) -low VOC solvent-borne system meets stringent VOC regulations!

Product Features:

 Fast drying + excellent metal control
 Good hiding/Color match
 Tech  flexibility (basecoat/single stage)
 VOC flexibility
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Limco Supreme PLUS National Rule Basecoat is developed specifically for use in automotive and production shop facilities–providing better color matching and faster drying times.

Supreme Plus meets the most stringent VOC regulations and you can use the product with the same set of toners even if VOC regulations change in your area. Change mixing clears, solvents, or hardeners and still remain compliant – Supreme Plus makes it simple!

Why Supreme Plus?

1) The new bases utilize modern pigments—the same bases used by OEM manufacturers.
Advantage: The new pigments help painters achieve a better color match.

2) The Illumibases are concentrated mica and pearl pigments that come in 12 ounce bottles
Advantage: Both distributors and collision repair centers can keep less material on hand

3) Drying times and application characteristics are improved
Advantage: With an impressive finish, painters will finish jobs faster and have no denibbing problems

4) One set of toners and several different mixing clears
Advantage: The ability to mix basecoat and single stage technologies at multiple VOC levels

5) Meets the most stringent VOC regulations
Advantage: Collision centers can continue to use a solventborne system and still be compliant
NOTE: please check local regulations for the appropriate mixing clears and ratios to be used in your area


Technical Data Sheets (TDS)

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