Smart Tools

Electronic tools for paint operation management

Electronic tools and products are changing the way today’s businesses are run. BASF has combined its entire family of “eProducts” into an integrated system called SmartTOOLS™. The SmartTOOLS family consists of the SmartTRAK ® 2 paint management software, SmartCART™ and SmartLINK™ inventory systems, SmartSCAN ® spectrophotometer and SmartCOLOR™ formula retrieval. BASF’s primary goal is to make your business more profitable and more productive, and the SmartTOOLS family will help you achieve these objectives.


Expert paint management software

The paint management software application
SmartTRAK is an easy-to-use Windows-based software program with modules that relate to several important aspects of your bodyshop business. When used together with with COLOR-MAX® and SmartSCAN®, the results are unbeatable!
Here are just some of the features of SmartTRAK:
Fast and accurate color formulas
Retrieve a BASF paint formula number, an OEM color code, the color name, the competitor’s code and easily interface with SmartSCAN. These are just some of the ways you can track down a formula.
Worldwide formula database
The SmartTRAK online search capability connects to the BASF worldwide ARCtIC database, providing with the latest and most up-to-date color formula information.
SmartSCALE interface
The SmartTRAK software interfaces with SmartSCALE to ensure the ultimate in accurate mixing.
Job costing
Track all paint and related items such as sandpaper and masking tape with a “Paint Cost Per RO” report.
Inventory & stock management
Based on a business process–driven approach, SmartTRAK IV provides an easy way to manage inventory and your stock room.
Paint estimate function
With SmartTRAK software, simply click on the area of the car needing to be sprayed and the software will automatically calculate the amount of paint required.
VOC tracking, easy access to TDS, MSDS and reports
Continuous features and enhancements are added to SmartTRAK so call your representative for more information.



SmartCOLOR Mobile

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