Uno HD Paint

RM Uno HD Paint - A single-stage system with multiple benefits

Uno HD acrylic urethane single-stage represents another R-M® technology that improves your productivity and reduces costs, while building your profitability and enhancing your long-term success.

By complementing the R-M basecoat/clearcoat systems with a comprehensive, world-class, single-stage system that includes the full spectrum of solid colors and metallics, R-M Uno HD helps fulfill the R-M commitment to providing a complete, versatile product line that adds value to every area of your operation.

Superior results with easy VOC compliance

As an extremely high-density, single-stage system, R-M Uno HD combines a new level of hiding power with built-in VOC compliance. On most colors, you will achieve complete hiding with just two coats; many colors will actually hide with just 1 percent coats (one light coat, one full). Enhanced hiding power means you use less material with Uno HD. Less material used means lower applied cost. Fewer coats sprayed means you also save on time and labor costs.

R-M Uno HD allows you to put single-stage jobs through your facility more quickly and easily, with customer-satisfying gloss, color match and appearance. For today and into the future, R-M Uno HD technology provides the single-stage solutions you need.

By reducing your costs and making VOC compliance easier, R-M Uno HD provides the single-stage component of R-M versatility and value.

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