Helping body shops grow sales, streamline business operations, and gain a solid competitive edge in the industry.

We offer VisionPLUS – a comprehensive suite of value-added programs geared specifically for collision repair centers. This full-service toolkit helps bodyshops grow sales, streamline business operations, and gain a solid competitive edge in the industry. Watch Presentation

VisionPLUS Programs:

BASF Value Added Programs are part of the VisionPLUS® Custom Business Solutions. Each one brings a collision center added value. Visit all of them for the value they deliver:

VisionPLUS Online

A powerful, interactive, OnLine toolset that enables a collision center to track, analyze and improve their business. Like having a personal consultant, VPOL identifies where a shop could improve performance, how to develop strategies for improvement, and how to implement corrective action plans.

VisionPLUS Online Dashboard

VisionPLUS® Online Dashboard is a powerful, interactive, online toolset that enables a collision center to track, analyze and improve business in real time. Like having a personal consultant, the Dashboard quickly identifies where a shop can improve performance, how to develop strategies for improvement and how to implement corrective action plans. In addition, all the data needed to generate key performance indicators are routinely loaded from existing management software. Trends and performance is displayed in with real time allowing for proactive management.

In addition the Dashboard allows a shop to:

  • Track performance
  • Compare performance to benchmarks
  • Set goals
  • Share information
  • Automatically load data from an existing management system
  • Easy to use dashboard design
  • Daily and monthly reporting

Production Management

The VisionPLUS® OnLine Production Management software is for shops that currently do not have a collision specific management software program or who don’t use their current management system to the fullest potential. This easy to use “starter” or “basic” program is designed to track vehicles in the repair process and report progress/delays, parts status and cycle times. In addition the Production Management software will automatically transfer data into VisionPLUS® OnLine for fast and accurate KPI reporting through an easy to understand dashboard, without the high cost of a management software program.

Important Features of VPOL Daily RO Tracking:

  • Estimates can be auto loaded from an estimating program
  • Able to assign multiple technicians to a single RO
  • Data up-load to VisionPLUS® OnLine Dashboard
  • Part of the VisionPLUS® Value Added Services
  • Easy to learn
  • Remote access from anywhere

Daily RO Tracking is designed to easily follow:

  • Repair orders
  • Job source (customer pay, insurance carrier etc.)
  • Type of hit (totals, regular, light hit)
  • Customer and vehicle
  • Promise dates
  • Job progress
  • Parts status
  • Open/closed RO’s
  • Cycle time

With Management Reporting a collision center can quickly report:

  • Daily summaries
  • Comeback costs
  • Work delays
  • Days of work lost
  • Insurance breakdowns
  • Actual hours worked
  • Sales by job source
  • Sales by category, customer & department
  • Cycle times
  • Closed RO’s for period


VPU offers a wide variety of courses designed to provide the knowledge and skills needed to run a business more efficiently. This series of comprehensive seminars and workshops is designed to cover a variety of issues, and focus on solving the day-to-day concerns to achieve the highest profitability. Many classes are ASE, AMI and ICAR accredited.

20 Groups

BASF “20 Groups” have become popular and valuable in today’s business world. The knowledge of BASF’s expert Business Development Managers combined with the efficiency of BASF’s eBusiness tools, results in a better process for continuous business improvement.

  • Has your business experienced a year-to-year increase in volume?
  • Are you positive, upbeat, confident, organized?
  • Do you have positive insurer relations?
  • Do you invest in your business?
  • Do you create a positive, friendly, safe working atmosphere that promotes training and growth?
  • Do you have adequate parking, a well-marked entrance, a clean waiting area, children’s area, clean restrooms and reflect the discipline of a serious business owner?
  • Are you interested in growing?
  • Can you commit time to a group?
  • Would you be willing to share your experience with others?

Think you might be interested in joining a 20 Group? See if any of these characteristics describe you.

If you answered yes to at least five of the above questions it’s a good chance you’re a qualified 20-group candidate.

Facility Planning

VisionPLUS® OnLine Facility Planning helps collision centers achieve maximum efficiency by planning and improving shop flow. While good design alone is not to be expected to solve all productivity issues, proper shop planning is essential in preventing costly mistakes down the road.

Are you thinking about remodeling or adding on to an existing building? Are you considering purchasing new equipment or building a new collision center? Facility Planning Services from BASF can help maximize shop efficiency, find the best deal and avoid “should of” designs. For more information see “Custom Body Shop Layout Services layout services” or contact

Custom Body Shop Layout Services

With years of practical body shop design experience, our Facility Planning Service has designed hundreds of shops ranging in sizes from 2,000sf to more than 60,000sf. Over the years, our specialized team has obtained great insight to what designs work and what does not. Many times clients come to BASF Facility Planning after costly mistakes have been made as a result of designs created by parties with little or no formal training in architecture or body shop design, offering free shop layouts. Along with formal education, our Facility Planning team has years of actual experience coordinating many projects with architects, builders, engineers and equipment vendors throughout the country.

Our Facility Planning service provides clients with realistic solutions and practical designs. Rather than just telling a client where to place a new spray booth and simply provide a layout of the paint department, BASF Facility Planning provides a comprehensive plan of the whole facility. In order to place the spray booth, or any new piece of equipment, where it would achieve maximum efficiency, one must understand the entire collision center. This means taking into consideration what a shop wants to achieve in sales and what existing conditions are present. For example, are there local building codes, existing non-movable equipment or structures to consider? Does the lot size, shape, slope or street frontage restrict the design of the building? Will environmental factors such as wind direction or severe weather conditions influence the design or building placement? Will the layout allow for future growth without costly relocation of equipment? Everything must be taken into consideration at the planning stage.

Once the goals and restrictions are made clear, it’s then possible to create a design or locate the best place for a booth. This kind of personal care and individual assessment, combined with professional experience, sets BASF Facility Planning apart from others.

BASF Facility Planning Experts Create Layouts For:

  • Remodeling an existing building to improve shop flow
  • Purchasing new equipment such as spray booth
  • Moving into a new or existing building
  • Remodeling existing offices
  • Adding on to an existing building
  • New construction from ground up

Lifetime Warranty

The VisionPLUS® Lifetime Warranty Program allows your shop to project not only a reliable, high quality image, but also helps you close more sales. Research has shown that quality, backed by a warranty, is the most important consideration in the selection of a repair facility. The VisionPLUS® Lifetime Warranty offers you and your customers one of the best warranties in the industry, backed by the resources of BASF throughout North America.

Excellence Program

The VisionPLUS® Excellence (VPE) program is designed for progressive collision repair facilities that subscribe to very high operational and repair standards and demonstrate continual process improvement. Shops that meet the specified VPE criteria and enter the program are used by BASF for referrals to strategic third parties, such as automotive original equipment manufactures (OEM’s) and insurance companies. VPE collision repair facilities will be recognized throughout the industry as the top performers in North America. The VPE program complements existing direct repair and customer service index programs already in place at many of the top shops.

VisionPLUS® Custom Business Solutions

We believe a shop owner’s future success is based on how well their business plan aligns with their strategic plan and their customer’s changing needs. We believe to be of value to our customers we must enable success with tools and services that sustain and improve performance while building a successful business for today and tomorrow. We must, and do deliver more then paint solutions. BASF’s business tools and services are found in the VisionPLUS Custom Business Solutions portfolio that allows a collision center to:

  • Take advantage of and anticipate change
  • Enjoy healthy growth and expansion
  • Lower the cost of industry changes and growth opportunities
  • Reduce single person dependency in collision center operations
  • Improve performance
  • Improve business control
  • Be more competitive in the market place
  • Have a greater capacity to grow
  • Control rapid growth with a lower risk
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